Model AM Straight Side Press

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Am1500 20 No Bg With 660 Graphic Am500 10 No Bg Am400 14 No Bg Am400 16 No Bg2 Bed Shot Am325 12 Front No Bg

The model AM straight side press is perfect for full length forming at full tonnage as well as left to right and off-center loading at full tonnage via our extremely heavy duty gibbing system and enclosed end frame design. The model AM also allows front to back off-center loading within +,- 6" of the centerline of the bed. If off-center loading is required the entire front to back width of the bed then the model CM press should be considered. Contact the factory for details on the differences in these presses.

The model AM straight side press is a more traditional style of straight side with much more left to right bed and ram area than the smaller bed DCSS presses however has a smaller price tag than the extremely heavy duty CM style presses. The AM is able to hold tolerance left to right much better than a direct hydraulic design due to its bellcrank linkage that gives the press full tonnage from one end of the press to the other.

Our single cylinder design develops full tonnage anywhere along the bed left to right and front to back. The bellcrank linkage system is actuated with a single cylinder utilizing A660 bronze at the bearing points. These off the shelf material bearings are designed to withstand up to 6 times the machines overall tonnage and they are covered by our extensive 5 year parts warranty. The model AM is designed to accept virtually all forms of press applications whether it is punching, forming, blanking, coining, swedging, die tryout, trimming, drawing and so on. The AM is available up to 1,000 tons and particularly excels at progressive die set ups where you have varying amounts of tonnage being applied across the bed all in the same stroke.

100% made in the USA with our unmatched 5 year parts warranty plus a lifetime of readily available parts all from your local suppliers. You will never have another "orphaned" machine due to an overseas manufacturer who can’t get you parts or a domestic manufacturer with proprietary parts that forces you to buy everything from them. With Standard Industrial you will always be able to get the part you need for the lifetime of the machine from any number of sources available to you.

All Model Press Available Options



We welcome requests for customization of any of our machines. Many aspects of all machines can be contoured to match your requirements.




We offer conventional and proportional hydraulic systems engineered to your requirements.




Onsite training at the customer’s facility is available optionally. Due to the simplicity of the operation of our base model presses, onsite training is rarely needed. Onsite training is included with the purchase of the optional PLC ram control. Please note that all machines must be fully installed, rigged in place, leveled/bolted down, oil in reservoir and hooked up electrically prior to the arrival of the technician.




This package includes all the features of our standard warranty plus:

  • A 7 year parts in lieu of standard 5 year parts warranty




(NOTE) (2) 5/8” t-slots are standard on all presses in the bed and ram (running left to right)

T-slots sizes are available in 5/8”, 3/4” or 1” T-slots in the bed and/or ram. Special T-slot sizes are available




Manifold Lubrication System

Brings all lubrication points to one area.


Automatic Lubrication System

Automatically lubricates machine with EP-1 grease. Includes warning light when oil is low & auto-shutoff




Air actuated die lifters in press bed for easy and quick die change and quick set ups.





Hand/Foot Safety Sequence with Footswitch

Allows operator to use (2) hand pedestal control until “slow down” speed at which time the footswitch can used for remainder of stroke.


Light Curtain Safety Barrier

Infra-Red light curtain across front of press that stops operation of machine if light curtain is broken. Blanking with programmability included by request.


Interlocking Side barriers

Physical barriers for protecting operator that shut the machine down if removed. Can be alone or used in conjunction with light curtains


Additional Control Stations and/or Pedestals

NOTE: (1) Palm button station is included with all presses.

Palm buttons can be mounted to bed/ram or additional pedestals on floor for multiple operators


Gear Lock Safety Systems

Interlocking mechanical gear system that provides physical stops to prevent ram





Pressure Reversal of Ram

Allows the ram to return to top of stroke once a pre-set pressure/tonnage is achieved.


Auto Cycle Remote

Allows ram to stoke automatically without operator actuation. NOTE: requires safety barrier or light curtain.


Dwell Under Tonnage

Allows machine to “dwell” with required tonnage for a predetermined amount of time.


Coil Line Processing and Material Feed Equipment

We work with providers of process lines and feeding equipment for all levels of production.




When additional punching capacity is required, this feature helps get more punching tonnage without shocking the hydraulic system



Aids in forming processes and for drawing and/or part ejection.





Recommended for machines with die cushions to allow access to die cushion for maintenance. Not available with AM/CM models.




As standard the ram travel is controlled via simple mechanical limit switches that control open height, speed change point and the lower limit via a micrometer.




Digital Readout (Non-Programmable)

Shows ram location while using the standard mechanical limit switches








PLC/Programmable Ram Control

Controls base functions of press. Includes onsite training at customer’s facility (contiguous U.S.).

  • Touchscreen display
  • 200 programmable jobs
  • Custom features available
  • Onsite training included
  • Controls open height, speed change point and lower limit via precision digital encoder
  • Programmable tonnage
  • Special programming functions to match your needs are available.
  • Mitsubishi PLC is our recommended control but other brand PLC’s can be quoted.







Note: Stroke options increases overall height and does not automatically increase open height or closed height. Also, extra open height does not automatically increase stroke. All options quoted may increase dimensions/weight of machine.




  • Safety equipment to user specification
  • Special machining
  • Special platens
  • Air counterbalance
  • Special electrics
  • Bed/Ram customization
  • UL/CSA and other certifications—As standard all components are UL508A compliant
  • Special single paint color
  • Other options available per customer request
  • Scrap chutes and knockouts