Standard Industrial Company Parts Warranty Policy

Five Year Parts and Limited Onsite Labor Warranty for all Press Brake, Shears and Presses

As part of the purchase of a new Standard Industrial machine, a 5 year parts and limited labor warranty will be included. The warranty begins at the point of initial shipment and will not automatically be passed along to second owners. The decision to repair or replace any part will be made by Standard Industrial management only.  Any alteration to machine will forfeit the warranty without written approval by Standard Industrial.

PARTS WARRANTY: In the event of a problem, the customer contacts Standard Industrial with situation. Standard's service technicians will provide over the phone trouble shooting measures to resolve situation for which the customer is responsible for executing all required troubleshooting steps to determine the problem. Once problem is determined, Standard will send any defective part(s) required to customer at no charge for the part(s). Customer is responsible for freight for all parts and if expedited freight is required they must specify. See below for individual part warranty breakdown. The customer is responsible for labor for installing the new parts(s) and is required, if necessary, to send damaged parts back to Standard. The customer will be invoiced for any replaced components and credit will be issued upon return of the defective component to Standard Industrial Corp. unless otherwise agreed upon by Standard.

LABOR WARRANTY: Labor is not included as standard with any part of the warranty unless agreed upon ahead of time by Standard Industrial management. During the 5 year parts warranty, if a problem occurs and all trouble-shooting efforts have been fully performed and exhausted by the customer and the problem still persists, Standard will send in a technician to the customer's facility to resolve the problem. In this case, a helper may be required to aid our technician at no charge to Standard Industrial.Labor to repair may be furnished at the customer's plant in the continental U.S. only and only if Standard Industrial is in agreement that the problem is not due to improper use of the machine or wrongful tampering with the machine by customer or dealer.



The Five Year Warranty Covers The Following:

  • Main hydraulic cylinder and seals
  • Drive components
  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Motors
  • Electrical items not related to CNC or PLC
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Structural integrity of non-removable parts of the machine
  • Hold down cylinders and seals
  • Fittings



The 1 Year Warranty Covers The Following

  • Shear blades
  • Dies, die Holders and die related accessories
  • Die cushions
  • Computer controls, PLC, CNC or otherwise provided by vendor of Standard Industrial
  • Ram Clamping Systems, Crowning Systems
  • Die compensators
  • Shear sheet support systems, conveyors,
  • Shear stackers, CNC Squaregauges
  • Backgauge hardware, CNC, Servo or otherwise


The 5 year warranty excludes any damages caused by rigging, transportation, and incorrect use or modification by customer or dealer. The user must abide by the maintenance information provided in the service manual that is included with each machine. Maintenance items such as lubrication, bolt tightening, proper leveling of the machine and all other specified actions in the service manual must be adhered to in order for the 5 year warranty to be honored. Second users may be subject to the remainder of the 5 year warranty if they pay for full inspection of the machine by a Standard Industrial rep (contact us/ for details).

This equipment is manufactured and intended to operate as a component of a complete operating system. The complete system is to include the feeding equipment and/or guards or devices to protect all persons in the vicinity including the operators, depending on the work to be performed. The complete system is the sole responsibility of the owner/operator. The warranty is exclusive and may not be modified by verbal agreement. Other than those representations made expressly in this warranty, we exclude and disclaim all implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, and any other implied warranties.

Optional Seven Year Extended Warranty for Metal Fabrication Equipment

Only available from Standard Industrial Company is our unmatched Extended Warranty that substantially lengthens the existing 5 year parts warranty.

This package includes:

  • 7 year parts warranty in lieu of standard 5 year parts warranty
  • 2 year PLC and CNC warranty per normal warranty / 1 Year tooling and tooling related items
  • 5 year onsite limited labor warranty per normal warranty.