Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Precision Industrial Equipment

  1. Why is the single cylinder system better than a two-cylinder system?
  2. Why is a guillotine drive system better than a swingbeam drive system?
  3. Why should I choose Standard Industrial Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shears or Hydraulic Presses over another brand?
  4. How long will your machines last?
  5. What about re-sell value? What will my Standard machine be worth down the road?

(Q) Why is the single cylinder system better than a two-cylinder system?

(A) The Standard Industrial Company hydra-mechanical single cylinder system has proven itself over the last 40 years to outlast and outperform its competitors. Beyond the sheer heavy-duty frame and outright rigidity of the system, there are many reasons we consistently beat the competition.

The primary reason (1) cylinder is better than (2) cylinders is that there is no "balancing act" during operation. With our one cylinder system the full tonnage is developed all the way across the bed. Our design allows the operator to form full-length bends all across the bed or if necessary to off-center load near the machines capacity.

In contrast, a (2) cylinder system like a torque tube design cannot develop the machines full tonnage all across the bed and it has very limited off-center loading capabilities. For example, a 175 x 12' torque tube design machine does not have the ability to develop 175 tons the full 12' of the bed. They basically only develop the 175 tons near the center of the bed.

(Q) Why is a guillotine drive system better than a swingbeam drive system?

In today's shear market place there are many types of machines to choose from, but the main two drive systems are the guillotine and the swingbeam. The true guillotine drive system, like that of our model AS and CS shears, has been the proven design of quality U.S. shear manufacturers for the better part of a century. No other design comes close to the precision provided by a guillotine drive.

4 crucial factors to provide the most precise cut:

(# 1) Strength of the drive system

(# 2) Strength of the frame

(# 3) The angle of the upper blade to the work piece throughout cut

(# 4) A heavy-duty high tonnage hold-down system to hold the work piece.

The most important factor in providing a precision cut, is the manner in which the upper blade cuts through material from beginning to the end of the cut. A Standard Industrial guillotine drive system insures that the upper blade comes down in a straight line because the linkage is driven from directly above the work piece. From the beginning of the cut all the way to the end of the cut, the relationship of the upper blade to the material never changes.

In direct opposition to this, a swingbeam pivots from the side of the end frames and brings the ram down in an arc or a "swing" (like a welding helmet coming down over your face). This causes the relationship of the top blade to the work piece to change throughout the entire cut. Because the blade comes down in an arc, the cut is distorted from the beginning all the way through the cut.

(Q) Why should I choose Standard Industrial Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shears or Hydraulic Presses over another brand?

(A) The owners of Standard Industrial have been manufacturing machinery since 1966 both as Hydra-Tool Corp. (HTC) and Standard Industrial. We have thousands of machines all over the world that have been going strong for 40 years. We are one of the last true U.S. manufacturers left in this country.

Not only can we provide you the best machine, but it is important you buy U.S. whenever possible. In a time when U.S. manufacturers are either fully or partially going overseas or being forced out of business by foreign competition it is a priority to support our country in every way. Know where your machines are made before you buy!

(Q) How long will your machines last?

(A) Standard Industrial machines are always the heaviest machines on the market, please be sure to compare our weights to any other equipment you are being quoted. A machines dependability and lifetime are directly related to the machines overall girth. It is common sense that a 32,000 lb. U.S. made press brake will drastically outperform and outlast a 23,000 lb foreign made machine.

Another important factor is how long the warranty lasts. A warranty is a measure of a manufacturer's trust in their equipment. We at Standard Industrial have the best warranty in the business. Our 5 year parts warranty is substantially better than any overseas or across the border manufacturer's warranties that typically last 1-2 years. Again, simple common sense tells you that a machine guaranteed for 5 years is substantially better and will last substantially longer than a machine guaranteed for 1-2 years.

(Q) What about re-sell value, what will my Standard be worth down the road?

(A) Besides our substantial 5 year part warranty, one of the most impressive aspects of our equipment is that even after the 5 year warranty is up you will always be able to find replacement parts for our machinery. Standard Industrial has gone to great lengths to design our machines so that all the components will be available from your local suppliers like Siemens and Vickers. When you buy an overseas or an over-the-border machine you can pretty much guarantee that the parts needed for that machine are located overseas or over-the-border as well.

In your Standard Industrial manual you will have a complete parts breakdown with that parts original name and part number. This will allow you to easily locate and replace that part tomorrow or thirty years from now. Because we are 100% made in the U.S.A., plus due to our machines dependability and reputation and because are parts are always available in the future Standard Industrial has one of the highest re-sell values of any machine on the market.